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Galyna Shyrkina Gorbis (Head Coach)

Ukrainian National Champion and Silver Medalist at the 2005 World Championships and winner of many national & international competitions. Galyna is currently one of the top elite level coaches in the United States and the head coach of Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles.

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Galyna Shyrkina Gorbis Ellina Tregubova
Galyna Shyrkina Gorbis Ellina Tregubova
Nicole Mezheritsky Elmira Bululukova
Nicole Mezheritsky Elmira Bululukova
Yelena Gerasimova Svetlana Orr Tokaev
Yelena Gerasimova Svetlana Orr Tokaev
Zafeiria Meleti Nicole Elkin
Zafeiria Meleti Nicole Elkin

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