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Code of Points for Rhythmic Gymnastics
Detailed information about the scoring system of rhythmic gymnastics, including Special Olympics, men's RG and other streams of RG.
European Union of Gymnastics
The UEG counts 47 national member federations. It is a sports organisation, which reaches far beyond the borders of political Europe but nevertheless bears the idea of a united gymnastics nation. As guarantor of interests of its more than 10 000 gymnasts, the UEG represents quite different facets of European gymnastics: from Olympic sports to gymnastics for all. European gymnasts transmit their understanding of being together beyond the borders and set an example in community.
Gymnastics Online - News & Resources
International GYMNAST Magazine Online
Published since 1956, its world leading source of gymnastics news and information. Most topics pertain to athletic gymnastics not RHYTHMIC (THE REAL DEAL) but you can still find some useful information.
Lidia's Tribute to Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics
Designed as a tribute to Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics, this Web site offers a vast amount of information on the history and athletes of Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics. Including rich photo content, an extensive video gallery and other interesting facts and information. Published in English by a Ukrainian Gymnast, last updated in 2003.
Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, Colorado
At 6,035 feet (1839 meters) the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs sits over one mile above sea level. Created by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as training facilities for its Olympic and Paralympic athletes.
Olympics Statistics and History
RG Meet Management System
A comprehensive collection/database of US and international RG competition results. Featuring various data management and analyzing tools, a comprehensive club/athlete locator with athlete performance history tracker viewed in a graphical or raw data mode. The site is managed virtually in real time by parents, coaches and other individuals attending or reporting on the competition.
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