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AAI International ELITE Rhythmic Floor Exercise System
Designed to meet international specifications for competition, includes a Rhythmic Reflex Floor, Rhythmic Foam Border and a Rhythmic Carpet.
Athlete's Cookbook (Paperback)
Prepare and enjoy the favorite recipes of world-class gymnasts Shannon Miller, Dominique Daws, Mary Lou Retton, Bart Conner, Mitch Gaylord, and many others, with this fabulous cookbook that also addresses nutritional issues. Photos. Color insert.
Developing Talent in Young People (Paperback)
Bloom's study helps those seriously interested in understanding the differences between different kinds of talent and it can be nurtured. The study describes how the nurturance of gifted athletes and musicians takes a different path than that of intellectually gifted young people. It points out that the families do not choose between the intellectual and athletic areas but follow the talents manifested by their children.
FIG Code of Points
F.I.G. approved Exercise Floors for rhythmic gymnastics
GymSOFT is the leading gymnastics club software for gymnastics clubs, cheerleading gyms, children's tumbling and gymnastics programs, teams or other indoor gym centers or sports-related programs where management software is needed
How to Create Champions: The Theory and Methodology of Training Top-Class Gymnasts (Hardcover)
This book answers in detail the many unanswered questions relating to high performance. Written by the world's leading coach and his scientific advisor it explains in detail the essential components for planning and preparation for high level results. It demonstrates clearly the necessity for a team approach - coach, doctor, masseur, scientists (bio mechanist, psychologist, physiologist, dietician), apparatus manufacturers and engineers, to achieve the ultimate prize, an Olympic gold medal. It is one of the most highly valuable works in sports coaching that has been written in the last decade.
Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaching Guide
Provides useful information on planning a training season, preparing the athlete for competition, advice on nutrition, safety and conditioning. This site was designed for Special Olympic athletes but its principals and information can be applied to any athlete.
Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Manual
Rhythmic Gymnastics: The Skills of the Game
Combining the strength and agility of the gymnast with the elegance and beauty of the dancer, rhythmic gymnastics is both demanding and intensely satisfying. In this book the author takes us through the basic techniques of work with rope, ball, hoop, ribbon, and clubs and also offers helpful advice on how to put together routines for competitions.
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