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  • No Parents Allowed in the Training Area!

  • Training Equipment and Personal Items Must Be Stored on a Shelf or Top of Bleachers

  • Athletes Must Be on Time for Practice… Arrive 10 Minutes Before Start of Class!

  • Rhythmic Academy Training Uniform or All Black Attire Required for Training

  • No Clothing Showing Another Team Name or Logo

  • Hair Must Be in a Tight Ballet Bun and Prepared Before the Start of Practice

  • No Soccer or Loose Shorts… Training Attire must be fitted!

  • Toe Shoes Required for Every Class!

  • Athletes are required to have their own equipment

  • Athletes must have a Training Journal and Make Daily Training Logs

  • No Food in the Gym

  • No Sugary Drinks… H2O “Water” only!

  • Athletes are required to Have Their Own Water Container… Water Cups Will Not Be Provided!

  • No Tears or Screaming During Stretching or Training

  • No Negativity or Self Doubt… train to be the best of yourself!

  • No Talking During Class… Eyes. Mind and Ears on the Coach!

  • No Cell Phones or Texting During Practice

  • No Drama or Disrespecting Team Coaches or Athletes

  • Be Exceptional and Always Give 100% Effort!

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