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Customer Testimonials

Our business model is simple... have the best and most experienced coaches, set the highest training standards, study and understand the rules, review and implement the most effective training systems, create a positive, safe and effective training environment and demand discipline and accountability from coaches, athletes and parents.

With this mission Rhythmic Academy has become one of the top Rhythmic Gymnastics competitive programs in the United States. We attract and hire the best and most competitive coaches and have developed many State, Regional and National Champion gymnast.

Below are some things our customers are saying about our program.

Christopher - Woodland Hills, CA - 12/27/2019

This Rhythmic Academy is AMAZING!! My 9.5 year old daughter started classes there a few months ago. Then her friend joined, they treat ALL their students with care and at the same time push them to be AWESOME! I'll see my daughter's first show tomorrow night! I can't wait.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Rachel Reyes - Van Nuys, CA - 12/19/2019

I love it my granddaughter attends they are like a family, they truly care about the girls..

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Joann Weikel - Los Angeles, CA - 08/13/2019

I am so happy I found this gym for my daughter. In just a couple months she has made huge progress towards ballet foundation and gained much strength and flexibility for gymnastics. I've had her in other ballet/ gymnastics schools where she just played or did short simple workouts. Rhythmic Academy is a SERIOUS training facility. Very excited to see where this leads.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Gene S. - Randolph, NJ - 08/03/2019

My daughter has been with this gym for the last three summers (during the year we live in NJ). In 2017 and 2018 our little rhythmic gymnast took first place all-around in Lake Placid, level 5 and level 6 in her category. We highly recommend this school - top notch coaches, great programs, and excellent management. On a personal note, my daughter loves it here - everyone is so nice, caring, and friendly to her!

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Eddy Tang - Van Nuys, CA - 02/09/2018

Amazing just amazing... First all the coaches are very nice and very knowledgeable, second the gym has good amount of space and a small teacher to student ratio, third the training style is very effective to get gymnast to the highest level! My wife and I love the discipline and attention to detail, the fact there are so many very talented girls in the gym to look to for inspiration. My daughter has been attending Rhythmic Academy for the last 6 months and is completely in love with this sport. She used to go to another gym in North Hollywood but we didn’t see any progress so we switched, in one month at Rhythmic Academy she learned more than the entire year she spent at her old club. She now can do full splits, cartwheels and walkovers, lost weight, gained confidence and is very excited about going to her practice and learning new things. Thank you Rhythmic Academy for building such an amazing environment, we look forward to her transitioning to the competitive team. 5 stars and highly recommended.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

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