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Customer Testimonials

Ellen Vess - Studio City, CA - 05/23/2012

The passion, patience, and vision of the directors and teachers at the Rhythmic Academy have had a significant impact on our daughter's love of gymnastics and the joy she finds in coming to practice. We've tried many different sport and after school programs but can honestly say that this club has transformed her life. She is happier, her grades have improved and she interacts better with other children. Thank you for creating this incredible program and I wish you great success.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Svetlana Arzhelik - Sherman Oaks, CA - 05/16/2012

My daughter has been with Rhythmic Academy since its beginning and we absolutely loved it! I've always been impressed with the professionalism at the school. The tone was set early by the owners and continues to pervade the atmosphere. The accent is on developing discipline and fostering a genuine love of gymnastics. Whether students go on to pursue a competitive career, maintain it as a lifelong hobby, or just use what they've learned to foster confidence in other pursuits, nobody walks away empty-handed. I believe the positive experiences students have at Rhythmic Academy will truly last a lifetime.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Michelle Gordon - Tarzana, CA - 04/28/2012

There are many wonderful reasons why we feel Rhythmic Academy is the best gymnastics school in Los Angeles--the advanced gymnastics training is only part of the whole picture. The instructors are truly amazing, they are very knowledgeable and passionate about getting the most out of each child. Each group is divided by skill level, the curriculum is very organized and demanding, and all of the girls push each other to get the most out of each practice. We've recommended this schools to all of our friends and are very happy with our experience.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

Annie Galyan - Granada Hills, CA - 04/11/2012

Rhythmic Academy is a fabulous gymnastics school for kids of varying abilities and interests. The instructors treat the kids with respect, encouragement, enthusiasm and most importantly at the level of the student. Whether you want to be on the competitive team, or just improve your skills, Rhythmic Academy is a place I trust and my kids enjoy!

Satisfaction Rating (4)

Mariam Ferayan - North Hollywood, CA - 04/02/2012

After doing Rhythmic Gymnastics recreational for more than 3 years we began looking for a club that could take our daughters training to the next level. We found Rhythmic Academy to be very effective, she learned more things in the first few weeks of training then her entire 3 years of doing gymnastics at our old club. Her coaches are very involved, encouraging, highly technical and demanding. This is a great program with a wonderful team atmosphere.

Satisfaction Rating (5)

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